Hi, I'm Rick 😎👋

I like to build stuff on the interwebz!

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You can copy any code you can find and make use of all the tools you like, all for free!

If you want you can buy me a cup of ☕ or show some ❤️ through the Ko-Fi widget in the left bottom corner or on my Ko-Fi page.

Yes, this site is intended to be simple and dull, interwebz is a word from 1988 and yes this is a half baked to do list for this website;

[ ] Add some projects for once
[ ] Take no animation settings into consideration
[ ] Create Dutch and English sites
[ ] Add code highlighter
[-] Get really high PageSpeed score
[-] For once make a site with good accessibility
[-] Give a damn about SEO
[-] Create PWA
[X] Nice(r) animations
[X] Add the error pages
[x] Add Ko-fi
[x] Make better responsive
[x] Get a decent domain name (rickdegraaf.com)
[X] Added light/dark mode
[X] Go back to basic



Not much here at the moment, but coming soon!